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New to TT

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Hey, just traded a BMW 135 for a T. The insurance savings alone will cover my payments :)

Just been poking around for the past few days, Any 'must read' threads? I also have an 84 land cruiser that could be leaving if this truck is as good as folks claim.

I pick up the truck tomorrow, so i need to go burn he tires off my car tonight
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congrats man, let the mods begin:eyebrow:
The must reads are the mod threads. LOL

What year is the "new" T?
You've got Swagger.
great to have you here. you will not be dissapointed!
The must reads are the mod threads. LOL

What year is the "new" T?
2011 :)

Im pretty excited
Congrats. Post some pics when you get it.
Congrats and welcome.
Welcome to the darkside!!
Driving a truck is more exciting than a car. So I'm sure you will love your T.
The man at the truck store just phoned to tell me the truck has arrived Yay!!! I also sold my land cruiser last night so i hope the titan's dirt skilz are up to snuff. They just have to do all that PDI stuff, hopefully i can pick it up tomorrow or friday morning before i leave for the lake.
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