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New tonneau from BAK

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Looks like this may be something worth considering. Tiltbak tonneau.
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I'm a soft tonno guy myself. I don't need fort knox security and rolling it up in seconds w/o having to remove anything is great. I also prefer the sort of domed look a soft tonno gives rather than the flat look. That's just me.
I'm still trying to decide if this is the tonneau for me. I like that it does not take away from the natural appearance of the truck. What do you guys think?
Weighs a more 45 lbs and can handle over 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight.
Bak Industries needs some better proofreaders
It looks like an interesting product. I think the nice flat black would look cool on my smoke colored truck. I worry about it possibly fading though in the sun.
it looks real nice, i would buy it for looks i guess. I have a roll up because if I ever have to put somthing in the back I can just roll it up, the hard cover would be in my way. my .02
I think I like the Undercover better. Plus my old Bak leaked pretty bad because it sat beside the rails and not over them. If I was getting a hard tonneau, then I would want it to be pretty water tight.

In any case, there do not appear to be any hard tonneau's available yet for the LWB Titans.
I like the flush look. I chose the undercover because it is water tight and doesn't need drain tubes. I can run through the automatic car wash and not get any seepage into the bed.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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