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New torque member required???

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I am going to be replacing my 2004 front brakes with something a little less shaky. I read in other posts about the final TSB that one of the parts replaced was a torque member (I don't have the p/n).
Is this required if I go with stillen (or EBC) pads?
Does anyone have the p/n?
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So here is the p/n, thanks to CT: 41014-7S010

It looks to be about $23 per side. But the original question stands, does anyone know if there is any reason to change this stupid thing?

EDIT: I got this response from NissanParts in reference to the p/n being before or after the final brake fix TSB:
the part number (above) is the replacement part before the TSB, the new part is a kit with a pair 41014-ZC025 KIT
When I had the TSB done for the "judder" they replaced mine along with new pads and re-surfaced the rotors.
Do you know what the difference is between the old one and the new one?
I installed the Stillen oem size rotors and metal matrix pads on my 2004 using the original torque members. I have not had any problems after about 50,000 miles.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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