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New truck, couple of suspension questions.

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So I purchased a 2005 Titan SE a couple of months ago in an auction and have been driving/loving it ever since. Now that I have had it for a little while I have gotten under it and I noticed that I have Bilstein 5100's on all four corners. My first question is if the Bilsteins will add any lift over the stock suspension of a 2005 Titan, second do they add any travel to the suspension over stock? and my last question, could I fit 33" or 35" size tires under my truck with the Bilstein 5100's?
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The 5100's are adjustable for up to 2" of lift. They do have more travel than stock, it was recommended to me to get extended bump stops. A 33" is just a hair bigger than stock so that will fit fine, anything bigger will most likely need trimming of inner fender well. You can look up pinch weld mod on this site, it will show you what others have done.
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