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NEW Truxedo Lo Pro QT -- $304 + $35 shipping!!!

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Found these on eBay! Do a search for "Titan Truxedo" and look for seller "Big Red's Place". I just now bought one from another seller for $299 + $39 shipping! I figure I saved about $200 versus local accessory shops and about $100 online. Just thought I'd pass this on to you guys in need of one. Thanks to all you guys on here that posted pics and reviews of this particular cover. It's because of you guys that I decided on this one. Every local retailer I called that carries this one says it's by far their best seller. Thanks!

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Stupid question follows.....I'm still a relative noob to the world of Titan's. I have an 08 Pro-4X CC. Is the CC shortbed the same size from 04-current (5'5")? I saw that truxedo at Big Red's, and I'm thinking of picking it up, I just want to be certain I get the right one the first time.

Thanks guys!
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