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NEW Truxedo Lo Pro QT -- $304 + $35 shipping!!!

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Found these on eBay! Do a search for "Titan Truxedo" and look for seller "Big Red's Place". I just now bought one from another seller for $299 + $39 shipping! I figure I saved about $200 versus local accessory shops and about $100 online. Just thought I'd pass this on to you guys in need of one. Thanks to all you guys on here that posted pics and reviews of this particular cover. It's because of you guys that I decided on this one. Every local retailer I called that carries this one says it's by far their best seller. Thanks!

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Buildwonder said:
Just to follow up with you guys, I got my Truxedo Lo Pro today and installed it. First off, it's the easiest tonneau cover I've ever installed! It was totally fool-proof and required no adjustment. I take that back. The first time I unrolled it, it was slightly off center so I undid the velcro on each side and tugged it over a little. Done. It is outstanding! It is so simple to use because of how it's made. If you've ever owned or do own the old traditional tonneau with the snaps and the bows that you have to remove after you roll the cover back and then remove the rear piece of frame to access the bed completely, you'll mess your pants when you see this one! Everything is integrated and attached to the tarp. You unlock it at the rear and start rolling and that's it! I'm so excited about it as you can probably tell! 100% recommendation from me!

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Cool, post some pics if ya can in the pic section!
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