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New User - S&B CAI Question

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Hello all. Been cruising for a while and thought I better register. Thanks for all of the great information I have found here. I am looking to put a cold air intake on my Titan and I think I have settled on the S&B. Their website says it will for up to 2007. Mine is a 2008 so I emailed them and asked if it would fit my 2008. They said it had not been tested on the 2008. I do not think there is any difference for this part between the 2 years, but I wanted to ask here before I mad my purchase. So, can anyone tell me if the S&B cold air intake will fit on the 2008 Titan? Thank in advance, and thanks for the great forums.

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A few years ago, I asked the same question. The company is just up the road from me, in Nashville, if I recall correctly. Anyway, the answer I received then said the fitment would work, but I might have to file down one corner of the box to clear something in that area underhood on 2008-up Titans. I ended up having to spend the money on something else, but ultimately will probably end up with an S&B at some point in the future.
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