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New Wheels Needed with 6" Lift?

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I have a 2015 Titan SL 4x4.

I just called one local shop about a 6" lift and he said he thought I would need new rims to fit with the new lift (cant remember what kit he was thinking).
Then I called 4-Wheel Parts (who of course want to use Pro Comp) and they thought I could use the stock wheels.

Before I commit to paying for the lift, I wanted to confirm I was not also going to have to be in to buy new wheels as well.
(I am on the fence if I can sneak by with the stock 33" tires for a while).

Thanks in advance,

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To add to it, I think he said something to the effect of with the IFS the new knuckles would need a new offset.

Not sure what that means but would that be kit dependent (i.e. would need it with FabTech but not with Pro Comp)?
Thanks gents! What I was hoping to hear!!

thebass8tr, any chance it is the Fabtech K6008? I have a 2015.
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