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New Wheels Needed with 6" Lift?

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I have a 2015 Titan SL 4x4.

I just called one local shop about a 6" lift and he said he thought I would need new rims to fit with the new lift (cant remember what kit he was thinking).
Then I called 4-Wheel Parts (who of course want to use Pro Comp) and they thought I could use the stock wheels.

Before I commit to paying for the lift, I wanted to confirm I was not also going to have to be in to buy new wheels as well.
(I am on the fence if I can sneak by with the stock 33" tires for a while).

Thanks in advance,

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Plenty of guys have 6" lifts with their stock wheels. Your truck will look like it's on stilts while you still have 33's on there, but you don't need new wheels.
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