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New windshield already :(

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FYI-- Just passing on some info
With less than 2600 miles I already have a new windshield because a rock hit just above the VIN number and the crack that grew over 18 inches in 2 hours. The retail cost of the windshiled is $213, they did not have the factory plastic/rubber edge guard (so far a Nissan only part), but the generic guard looked just fine. Installer said he could get the fatory part if I decide I hate the generic stock. A couple plastic clips holding the large plastic parts at the bottom of the windshiled broke during "de-installation" and will need to be ordered from Nissan as well. :huh:
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Not covered by waranty

:upsidedow Nope.... I did not even consider checking with Nissan.... Just an insurance claim with a $100 glass deductable. The installers were Elite Autoglass which are considered top notch and I used them before. I suppose the installer was just a bit careless. They'll give me a call to replace the cowl clips when they come in. I saw the rock.... but it hit behind a sticker, my Titan was in a cold parking garage in Vail for a week and only started crack as I drove home. Had I noticed the chip.... I could have called my insurance company and they would have sent someone to repair it for free. The crack repair limit is about the length of a dollar bill.
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