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New, Wondering if This Would Sound Good

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Hey guys, I've just recently started to get the mod itch on my Titan...I have my Grand Prix modded out, but now I guess Im going to venture into my Titan =)

Anyways, this is the idea that I got from a friend at an audio shop this afternoon. He said it would sound good, but I'm not familiar at ALL with truck audio, as I know it's completely different.

Subs - 10in Rockford Fosgate Punch P3

*** Unfortunately, I dont know of a downfiring box that I can put these in, as I'm going to put the subs underneath the back seats, any suggestions? ***

Head Unit - Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD

Gonna keep my stock door speakers for now, and just use them as the highs until I decide to upgrade them.

I'm going to run a Cadence Amp to the subs, what do you think about this as a start for my system?

Thanks for the help guys, and I'm glad to be on the forum!
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I've not been entirely impressed with the shallow P3's. Tech12Volt makes a nice under the seat box if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself.

You'll love that Pioneer double din, I know I loved mine.

The stock mids/highs are definitely not great when you have a good sub-stage, but would work for a while if you didn't want to upgrade them yet.

If you're going with a Cadence amp look at the ZRS-C series, my buddy runs 8 of the ZRS-C6's and has had good luck with them. I'm not a huge fan of their newer stuff, as I loved the old A7's but they aren't bad by any means.

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Yea I'm definitely going with that HU but Im also up in the air about those subs...he was all about them but Ive yet to hear a pair of them in a truck, so Im not sure if I could get something better and at the same time have a little more power.

What was it that you did'nt like about the P3's?
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