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So this China Virus put me out of work in late March (was supposed to start a new job working from home), and have been out ever since (hopefully starts up again in September). I used to own a 2005 Tacoma that I traded in for a 2014 Sierra (terrible truck). Then I went back to a 2018 Tacoma. Now that I have a son and another one on the way, I need to go big again. These past months I've researched trucks to death with all my spare time. The Ram has many issues and can't be trusted. There are lawsuits all over for the transmissions in the F-150. Plus the whole auto/start stop tech in these trucks is a death sentence if you ask me. Chevy/GMC are just ugly and not very reliable, and I think they have auto stop/start too. The Tundra is of course reliable, but one needs to wear a captain's hat while driving that boat around. Plus, the crash test on the Tundra isn't the best. After months of going back and forth on these trucks and driving myself crazy, it dawned on me to look at the Titan (I admit, it never crossed my mind). After researching this truck and being a lurker on this forum, it sounds like a winner. Safe, reliable (for the most part), nimble, lots of tech and good deals to be had. I think I read somewhere that Nissan sells about 2,500 Titan's every month. I plan to pull the trigger on either a 2020 leftover or a 2021 (Pro4X of course) at the end of the year or early next year. My two major concerns are:

1. Will the dreaded engine knock come if I don't use Premium Fuel?
2. Is getting $10 to $11k off the MSRP realistic?

I will be working from but will be driving to the office (140 miles round trip) 2 or 3 times per month so the fuel really isn't a big deal.
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