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Newbie from AZ

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Jay and i live in Tucson, AZ. I just purchased my 1st Titan last week and I have wanted 1 for like the past 8 years ever since i drove my buddies titan....finally got to get 1!!!!! its a 2008 LE CC came with a few cosmetic mods from the previous owner but lookn forward to making it my own with my own mods....looking forward to checking out the site more and more and checkn out everyone elses titans on here
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Welcome to the site! You and your buddy should join the Facebook sites too!
Nice choice my friend. I own a 10 CC 2 WD. I love my truck. I've owned it for two and a half years so far, and only changed oil and put gas in it. You made a excellent choice.
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