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Newbie--What do you recommend

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We 2013 Titan Pro-4x, 39k miles. Towing a 36' tongue to spare, 8,000 pound travel trailer. We have done quite a bit of towing but would like to do some longer/harder trips and I want to make sure the truck is in the best shape for towing and safety. We always tow with an Equalizer WDH. Our engine and transmission gauges do not state temp but we have never had an issue with either being too hot.

To optimize towing and protect the truck, should upgrading the brakes and adding bags be sufficient? If you are towing with a similar set-up, what parts did you end up successfully using?

Thankful to have found this forum and hope to have the truck in better shape for Spring.
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Does it have the tow package?
Yes, it has the factory tow package.

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