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I guess I am finished with the looks of my truck (just ordered matching Enkei wheels like on the Nismo Titan) Now it is time to mod audio. I just got Pioneer AVIC HD3-BT installed (which is equivelent to US version of Pioneer Avic Z1)

It has stereo front, stereo rear and stereo sub outputs (in the documentation it sais MOSFET 50wx4 amp). So it is time to build a nice sounding interior =)

What I want to do is to replace front tweeters, replace front door speakers with 6.5 with tweeters, replace rear door speakers and build a sub box under the seat with to 2x10"s

I will start with sub box and since I don't have much time I will go step by step.

What do I need? I don't want it to be very expensive, but want it to sound good.

1. Do I need amps for door speakers? or can I reuse stock amp that is currently connected to AVIC? A
2. If I need amp for door speekers and tweets - how many channel amp should I get. I need rear door speekers, front door speakers with tweets, and I want replace on dash tweets as well.
3. For the sub, how many watts should I go with, I want to ride with open rear windows someday just for fun =)))
4. Do I need to add additional battery?
5. Also. If I get a 180watt component speaker for front doors, I will need an amp that has 2 channels for 180watts for front alone?
6. If I install 2x10" subs and in the specs it sais 300watts 2x4Ohm. Does this mean that I need to get a 4channel amp which can be bridged as 2x300watts at 4Ohms? If I do so, where do I get the 4 inputs (I have stereo sub exit on my HU)
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