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NIB OEM Nissan Accelerator Pedal (Acc Pedal Position Sensor) for P2138 DTC fix!

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So I had a 2004 Titan that had the dreaded (common) P2138 code which typically means your Acc Position Sensor (AKA Gas Pedal assembly) needs to be replaced. Well, I ordered a brand new assembly from Nissan for over $160, and it turned out the previous owner had cut into the wiring harness between the pedal and the ECU so thats what the problem was. I never ended up installing this pedal so its just a spare part now - and I sold the truck.

$130 shipped obo!

Please make sure to email me if you post or PM - I'm not on this board anymore. [email protected]

Fitment: 2004-2010 NISSAN TITAN w/ non adjustable pedal assembly

Application Notes: Incl.Pedal Assy.

Category: Body

SubCategory: Sensors

Position: General

Part Number: 18002ZT00A