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Nintendo Wii, with Wii Fit. Plus tons more. Like new.

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Hi all..

I am selling my Wii system. Including Dance Dance Revolution w/Dance pad, and Wii Fit.. plus a few other games like Wii Sports (bowling, tennis, etc), The Price is Right, and Mario Party 8. Of course it includes all the other stuff that it comes it, 2 controllers, 1 numchuck, AC adapter, etc.

Also included is the HD component cable if you have an HDTV. Looking to get $325.. and that includes free shipping. Wii Fit and Dance Dance alone were almost $200 total.

I purchased this a few months ago, and have literally used it a handful of times. Just don't have time to play games. It's in my entertainment cabinet, so it's literally in brand new condition.

Email me if interested! :)
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The bundle was sold literally within seconds of posting this. However, if the sale falls through - I will consider selling the game outright.
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