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Nissan Planning Product Blitz: Eight New Models in Next Two Years

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Nissan's sales have been solid over the past year, managing a 16.9 percent increase in 2010, a somewhat surprising feat considering the age of many of its products. The vast majority of volume sellers in Nissan's lineup have been on the market for almost their entire product cycle and are in danger of becoming stale.

Before that happens, Nissan has big plans to revamp its showroom collection and will introduce eight new models in the next 24 months. More importantly, those eight models represent 85 percent of Nissan's total sales.

The plan was revealed to AutoGuide by Ian Forsyth, Director of Corporate and Product Planning at Nissan Canada. No further comment was made on the new product push and so it's not clear if those numbers are Canadian specific or for all of North America. While in comparison to the U.S., compact cars like the Sentra do represent a larger portion of sales in the Canadian market than, say the full-size Maxmia, that 85 percent number shouldn't change much on either side of the border.

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