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Nissan titan + diesel engine supplier

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Info below coming to you via

Doesnt seem like info many didnt know, but rumors are starting to be weeded out.

"Nissan looking for diesel supplier for Titan pickup, likely to have widespread diesel-powered cars by 2013

Nissan is still searching for a partner to provide a diesel engine for its Titan pickup truck, a new report finds. Last year, Nissan began talks with International Truck and Engine to supply diesel powerplants for the Titan, but no deal was reached.

"We are still looking for the right relationship," Larry Dominique, Nissan North America Inc. vice president for product planning and strategy, told Automotive News.

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have already confirmed that diesels will be available in their light-duty pickup trucks. With Toyota showing a diesel concept of its Tundra pickup at this year's SEMA show, Nissan looks to be the only automaker without a diesel-powered truck in the works.

Dominique also revealed that some Nissan passenger cars could receive a diesel option in 2012 or 2013. The Nissan Maxima is already slated to get diesel power in 2010, but other vehicles could soon see a similar option.

Renault, Nissan's parent company, will roll out its next generation clean diesel technology — which meets Euro 6 emissions standards — in 2012. According to Nissan officials, little will be needed to be done to the new engines to make them U.S. Federal Tier 2, which means they could hit U.S. shores shortly after their European introduction."
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