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Nissan Titan painted front bumper

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Nissan Titan front bumper comes with fog lights. $100 north Florida don't wanna ship but I will at customers expense.

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This might be good timing :)


What color?
What year?
Does it come with the end caps? (guessing yes as it's sold with the fogs)
What condition is it in? (pics available... i can PM my email address)

If its Galaxy Black, and not chipped up bad, I am super interested... I'm in NY though... so would have to ship.
Mine is chipped up real bad and I'm looking for something nicer... it's headed to the body shop when my new hood arrives... but I'd rather have a clean factory finished part.
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Grey wont work for me, but thanks for posting up the info.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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