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NissanConnect Services Enrolment issues

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I know theres a thread about the NissanConnect Services but mine is not related to being tracked down.

I purchased a 2017 Platinum Reserve about 3 weeks ago, it was the demo of manager of the dealer, he was using the nissan connect services with his account and it was working fine (as of him)

When i took delivery of the truck, he removed the truck form his account and since then i have not been able to enrol, as soon as i click on NissanConnect services on the website, phone app, etc i get an error message saying that "they are having trouble connecting to my vehicle" even though i have a green SOS light and i also have cellular connection as i can place the non emergency call with no issues.

The truck went back to the dealer, they reseted the TCU, apparently they also did a USB update on my system and i got the truck back and same thing.

After talking to nissan canada multiple times, they keep saying that they "Escalated" the issue but to me it seems like they have no idea of whats going on.

They also suggested that maybe the TCU or the "entire system" may have to get replaced.

Just checking to see if anybody else have had the same or similar issue.

To me, it seems like theres gotta be an issue because the truck was on the manager's account and there might be conflicts when trying to add it to mine.

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