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2014 Titan Pro4x

Just installed a set of Nisstec coil overs rated for 700 each {replaced the stock Ranchos}. Did this because of the heavy duty steel bumper {from Buckstop Truckware}. So far bumper has three heavy deer hits with no noticeable damage. However comma, this added weight degraded my stock coil overs and most likely contributed to the front rotors warping like a crazy. Which led to my purchase of a drilled and slotted rotors/caliper kit from Powerstop. Weird break in procedure for the new brakes {5 aggressive brakings 40mph to 10 mph, 5 moderate brakings from 35 mph to 5 mph, then drive around for a while with as little brake usage as possible}.

Summary: Ratcheted the coil overs a couple of inches up, truck sits nice, rides nice. Fairly more noticeable stopping power.
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