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nitto dune grapplers

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hey, just curious if anyone could give me some insight on this tire.
in another 5-6k im gunna need tires, and ive had the terra grapplers, and from the reviews prices and looks im stoked to buy them again, however ive been looking at the dune grapplers as well wondering... i do a fair amount of highway driving and i also drive on the beach every weekend, my other truck i have bfgs and i honestly just dont feel like spending 1200 on a set of tires again (although they are flawless)

i have a 4x4 leveled out and have the pinchweld mod done. i would like to throw on 325 60 18's -the terra grapplers fit liek a glove no probelms, however the nitto website doesnt advertise dune grapplers in that size. only 325 65 18's ( 35's )

first question- does anyone here run this tire?
second question- i know its been done- 35s on stock rims with a leveling kit ( 4x4 ) anyone think 35" dune grapplers would work out with stock 18s and a level kit?
third question- does anyone have any pictures of a titan with dune grapplers, doesnt matter what size tires or rims just a visual.

thanks a lot
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Howdy fellow New Yorker...
I do not personally own these tires, but the guy at the tire shop where I got my Toyo's did. He had a set of 20's on his Avalanche. I noticed them and asked him how he liked them. He said he hated them. He said they are loud and drive like crap on snow. He said that they really are designed for sand. In fact he was trying to sell the tires right off his own vehicle. I agree, they look pretty sweet, and I was considering them, but after talking to this guy, I went with the Toyo ATs and love them.
Driving in the dirt and sand on the weekends, that is exactly what this tire is meant for. They are designed to be a Desert AT Tire and have a tread that sort of scoops. They are the same rubber compound as the TG's, so they should wear about the same. It you are looking for a tire that would be better for the snow stick with your BFG's. You'll get a little better all around tire and the life you will get will be worth the extra money.
thanks for the input fellas
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