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Nitto Mud Graps Cracking/Rotting

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Tires have around 10k on them. Is this normal wear and tear? They hold air, not too concerned... just curious.


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hmm.. not sure but that sure dont look too normal. Whens the manufacture date on your tires? Look next to the DOT thing and itll have some numbers i believe its like week# and year so like 1407 would be 14th week of 2007, I believe..
2408... not super old

Do your Nittos have cracking? There's a post on a Full Size GM forum and the members are saying it's normal for tires.
nope no cracking for me.. my buddy back home has mud graps on his 7.3 I'll be home friday after class to use his lift to put my new pinion seal in so I'll take a peak at his as long as he didnt sell them yet..
Cool, Thanks
he had a little cracking, not as bad as yours but id say yours looks normal considering his are new-ish too and his were like the size of the smaller ones in your pic. I wouldns stress over it
Two of mine were 3-4 yrs old like yours and they looked just like that. You'll be fine. (although I sold mine after about 15k miles or so. I guess I'm not the most reliable source ;))
Thanks fellas, I aired down to about 40psi a couple days ago just because.

@Lurch, how do you like the Trail Graps vs the Muds?
Trails are comparatively SILENT which I LOVE. They perform very well Offroad, look great, etc. They are everything I wanted ;).
Thanks, Those'll be my next set.
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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