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I just scheduled an appointment to get these G2's but I went with the 116 SL tire instead of the LT 121 E rated tire. (Difference in price of 173 to 225 for LT tire).

I got a great deal on a buy 2 get 2 with lifetime balance/rotation, 1 year alignment, road hazard, all installed for $737 out the door.

Can anyone tell me the difference I will see between these two tires on my 2007 SE CC 2x4?

I am down sizing from LT 315/70/17 Mickey Thompson's ATZ (that I hate) to a Nitto Terra Grappler 285/70/17. Should be 1.6" shorter.

I really do zero towing and am never off road.

Any thoughts? Anyone tell me the difference between the two tires?
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