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Nitto Terra's

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I'm going to be getting Nitto Terra's whenever I finally figure out which wheels to get.

I happened to look on craigslist and a guy has a set of 285/65/18 (close to 33x12.50?) Terra Grapplers he is selling for $500 w/ about roughly 3k miles on them or 95% tread left.

I am going to look at them since it seems like a smoking deal. Anything I should look for to assure I'm not getting burned on a set of buster tires/scammed?
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Are you asking a question?, making a statement/, or what.
All of it :)

Actually, just asking if there is anything I need to look for in used tires to assure there isn't anything major wrong w/ them. Also if $500 sounds like a good deal.
You don't want those crappy things. I'll run over there and look at them for you :) They are actually slightly smaller than stock and 3/4" wider. They will appear wider than that since the crappy badyear stranglers have their widest section in the middle of the sidewall.

Good luck! I was going to give the guy a call about those as well, but I see you are going to beat me to it. :)
Well, I keep hearing they will be smaller. I figured they would be a bit bigger.

Crap. Well, I haven't done anything yet towards them. More power to you if you snatch em.
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