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Nitto Tires

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I posted this in the Tire forum too, so sorry about the double post - but looking to possibly buy these.

I'm going to be getting Nitto Terra's whenever I finally figure out which wheels to get.

I happened to look on craigslist and a guy has a set of 285/65/18 (close to 33x12.50?) Terra Grapplers he is selling for $500 w/ about roughly 3k miles on them or 95% tread left.

I am going to look at them since it seems like a smoking deal. Anything I should look for to assure I'm not getting burned on a set of buster tires/scammed?
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The "65" is the aspect ratio, therefore, 65% of 285mm = 185.25mm Multiply this by two for each side of the tire, then add the 18" of the wheel, and the outside diameter I come up with is 32.5". That's pretty close to 33" I'd say...
I replaced my Goodyears with Toyo ATs of the same size, and I think it looks pretty good. The backspacing is different on my aftermarket rims which makes them stick out a little which may affect how I see it.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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