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Nitto Tires

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I posted this in the Tire forum too, so sorry about the double post - but looking to possibly buy these.

I'm going to be getting Nitto Terra's whenever I finally figure out which wheels to get.

I happened to look on craigslist and a guy has a set of 285/65/18 (close to 33x12.50?) Terra Grapplers he is selling for $500 w/ about roughly 3k miles on them or 95% tread left.

I am going to look at them since it seems like a smoking deal. Anything I should look for to assure I'm not getting burned on a set of buster tires/scammed?
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285's ar not close to a 33, a 33 is a 305 there is a big difference in the size so like the previous post says dont be disappointed in the size they will prolly be about the same size as your stock ones
chepdog said:
Actually a 285/65-18 is (32.8 in.) overall diameter so it is in fact close to 33 inch . According to Tire and Americas Tire Co. :computern
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