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Nitto Trail Grappler's with Wheels

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Nitto Trail Grappler's> 295/70/18
Eagle Wheels Series 079> 18's
Price> $1350
Location> 73501 Oklahoma

The tires only have a few hundred miles on them. They look new as you can clearly see in the pics. The wheels are about 9 months old and are in excellent shape. This set does not come with tire sensors.


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I am willing to break up the set and sell the tires or wheels if anyone needs one or the other.
How much for just the tires w/ local pickup??
What's the offset of your wheels? what kinda lift did you have running these?
No lift, just PRG's leveling kit and some very minor modification to the plastic liner in the wheel well.

I sent you a pm Pops...
Do u still have the set?
Yes, they are still for sale.
You better hurry up and get them too, because if they're still here after I land a new job, they'll be mine. - lol :rofl: IMHO, This is too good of a deal to pass up so you better go for it while you can. - :D
I am ready to come get them, sent you a pm
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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