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no 2008 titan intakes

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just bought my first of probably many titans and no one has the brute force intake listed for the 08. the intakes for the 06 iam guessing with bolt right up as well. i just dont want to cause my self a hassle if it doesnt. so i need to talk to someone who has done what i am about to do. go out and purchase the intake:huh:
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Bought a S&B for my 08.. it's for previous years obviously.

I'll report back when it comes in. :upsidedow
I know that Volant, Nismo & Injen install in the 08's with no problem.
I have been told the Nismo is made by AEM - copy of the Brute Force..
The AEM Brute Force for the 06 fits the 08. :cheers:
I have the Brute Force on my 08 as well, fit perfectly.
s&b fit fine.
My dad has a k and n on his 2008
I think they should all work fine with possibly an exception for the injen (i thought i read that the 07-08 had a new tube compared to the 04-06, but that shouldnt be a problem unless you buy a used one) Dont quote me on that injen difference unless someone can confirm what i thought i read on the forums before.

*edit* Nevermind, i guess they changed the tube but that means you cant use it on the older years, you can use it on the newer years (for which it was updated).
I am looking for the best CAI for the 08 model. Dose anyone have one on yet? If so what do you think of it?
I have an 08 and have an Injen on order. I'll post some pics and chime in again when I get it installed. I have had some correspondence with Injen and they just have not yet been able to verify that it fits an 08.
I just put an Injen on my 08 Pro-4x. simple install. Quiet at idle and at cruise. Makes some noise under hard accelration, but does not whistle like some CAIs I have heard. Fit is very good and a wll made product.
wchill said:
I am looking for the best CAI for the 08 model. Dose anyone have one on yet? If so what do you think of it?
pick up the VOLANT... it feels a lot more responsive 2 me also sounds good...also picked up the scoop for it i am seeing a bit more MPG's on the highways
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