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no honk after lock???

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I have about 1,200 miles on my 08 and it no longer honks when i lock it with the remote key???? it just stopped today. my brother was getting out of the truck as i was locking it and it wont honk anymore? it still locks fine, but i really liked the sound when i locked it? has anyone else expirienced this problem?
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I beleive if you hold both buttons on the fob for a few seconds, it turns the horn on/off when locking. It should say in your manual...
Yeah, you just have to play around with a couple of the buttons on your fob. It probably got pressed in your pocket or something. Easy fix! Check your quick reference guide.
And for those times when you want to be a little more clandestine, if you hit the unlock and don't open the doors, the auto relock will lock it WITHOUT the lights and horn. :D
You also do not hear the horn if your door is not full closed.
You also don't hear the horn if you are 73 miles away from your truck..... :D
Hey!! it worked! Thanks guys:)
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