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$ no object (w/in reason) I want speed!!

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HELP!! I've had soo much conflicting advise on serious mods... within reason, $ no object,... what can i do to put this 06 4x2 CC LE into the mid 13's..
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Just give Menards Engine Development a call. They can set you up with a 715kp/500 ft lb crate engine for a cool $65 grand....
Toomnymods said:
lol that'd be awesome.. but definatly not street legal i wouldnt imagine.. it has no smog stuff on it whatsoever..
It's just a long block. I'm sure you could bolt on everything associated with SMOG. It would at least pass the visual inspection, as long as they don't care about the dry sump oiling system. The sniffer on the other hand, I'd be surprised if it passed, but you never know.

I could guarantee it wouldnt put down those numbers with the OEM intake and exhaust manifolds, TB, exhaust, induction, etc.... But it would still be fast!
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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