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$ no object (w/in reason) I want speed!!

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HELP!! I've had soo much conflicting advise on serious mods... within reason, $ no object,... what can i do to put this 06 4x2 CC LE into the mid 13's..
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and i thought the s/c was supposed to give me @ 425-450 rwhp w/headers!!
shouldn't that put it close
Do not install those cams in your with the Stillen s/c. Those cams are meant for N/A trucks. Even if they were made for boosted trucks, you cannot tune for them with the Stillen piggyback...
tks Toomnymods, what about the tranny
Talk with Mike or Anthony @ IPT. Tell them Chad from CT told you to call.

1105 Route 23 South
Wayne, NJ 07470
kyle told me that they are working on the cam tune now. He said not to return the cams cause there is a big demand for them and they are gonna get the tune worked out for it.
Niceeeeee!!!!! Let me know how they turn out. I may have to get some myself.

Whoa! I've been told that we need cams that were designed for motors with boost. Something about overlap.
hmmm.. what issues w/ the s/c
What issues you ask? LOL!! You'll have to read my post on the other forum.

The piggy back will override any tune that is different than the stock ecu tune. I have tried. After failing with the Technosquare ecu, I talked with Uprev and they told me that they would rather not tune a truck with a p-back system. COBB tuning also said that the p-back will override any non-stock tune on the ecu.
Toomnymods said:
these cams do have minimal overlap these are the boost cams i already asked jim wolf and he said they designed these for boosted engines..
Darn you man!! That means I have to work more OT!!!
I'm assuming you had to replace the motor...?
I would not go with Level 10. Go with IPT. Check out some of the various performance forums and see what they are saying about Level 10.
Soto505 said:
oh yeah i replaced it as soon as possible. the funny thing is that i seem to be the only one blownin' stuff up every 4 months i've only had my truck since aug 06'
There are a few people that have blown trannies and motors since the install of the Stillen s/c.

Me being one of them...
1 - 8 of 36 Posts
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