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no race trucks

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no surprise. The EPA would have us walking or riding horses, and then banning horses because there's too many turds
We would have no electricity or gas heat if those idiots run unchecked
we also would not be able to have fire to cook or stay warm because of the smoke, and the wood consumption.
Keep in kind, the same ppl that come up with this stuff, would be the first to die of exposure and lack of modern convenience were they ever to actually shut everything down because all they ever learned was how to tell ppl not to do things, no real hard world skills. I'll do what i want with my machines, TYVM, and good luck stopping it.
Wouldn't worry too much about PROPOSED legislation like this. It would still face an uphill battle to make it into law, and there'll be plenty of warning if it ever got close.
There's likely a happy medium. FWIW, it's pretty awesome the EPA increased emissions requirements on 2-stroke engines used in PWCs/lawn/motorcycles/snowmobiles to clean up the air and water. 2 strokes were not banned... but no more carbed/oil-fuel mix (i.e. all manufacturers had to go to either direct injection or four stroke). Rec. areas like Lake Mead were HAPPY with the increased emissions requirements for boats and jet skis because higher-regulation mean lower-levels of oil and other toxins IN THE DRINKING WATER.

I agree with DK... maybe just stop using test-pipes on your 240sx, okay dumb highschooler on craigslist? DO NOT HAVE STOCK DOWNPIPE DO NOT ASK REGISTERED AT MY PARENTS HOUSE NOT SURE IF WILL PASS EMISSIONS.

Catalytic converters are good. Good good good.

I hate smog.

- signed by a car guy
Was reading about this more: EPA is only targeting parts suppliers (hence why SEMA jumped on this), not individual racers/builders/hobbyists.

You know those FOR OFF-ROAD ONLY use stickers on emissions defeating equipment (cat-less downpipes, COAL ROLLING emissions defeating tuners)? EPA is now hip to the fact that most of this "off-road" stuff is actually ending up on street cars.

Don't expect new rules to punish the everyman, but it will likely put a curb on that "off-road only" ruse. If parts suppliers want to make racing gear, it's just all going have to be emissions compliant.

For us locally (in the Titan universe), maybe Jeff will have to stop selling cat-less b-pipes? But who knows the volume threashold?

... my prediction anyway.
Here's the thing - the manufacturers are not breaking any laws, and plenty of those "for off road use only" devices are used in legitimate off-road-only (non-registered) vehicles. Making everything emissions compliant is ludicrous, and is a gross overreach of the federal behemoth. Are they going to come after farmers using "off-road only" diesel in their tractors? This is a needless step and won't do much at all except make it harder and more expensive for people who want to legitimately race or run vehicles off-road (dune-buggies, boats, rock-crawlers, etc.). Isn't using this stuff on-road already illegal? So because the federal government is either incompetent or unwilling to enforce existing law, all law abiding folks need to now be punished because the central planners in washington believe they're smarter than all of us and know better how we ought to live our lives?

Yeah, right. Morons. We could go a very long way to fixing what's wrong with this country by eliminating about 75% of what the federal government is currently doing to waste taxpayers' earnings on a daily basis.
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Typical huge government bureaucracy... Lead in the water in Flint Michigan. But let's put out legislation pooing on an entire industry.

I signed the petition and they would be crippling a billion dollar industry, I don't see that happening
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