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No rear center armrest in KC??

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Hello all!!
Like many of you, I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my ordered Titan!
I was hoping that some of you who already have your trucks could verify something for me. At the Nissan web site, you can do the interactive tours of the Titan. I've looked at the interior tours for both the Crew and King Cab and noticed a difference I hadn't before. The Crew Cab rear seat seems to have a center armrest that you can pull down. The King Cab's rear seat seems to look like the exact same seat, minus the armrest.
Basically, I'm asking anyone with a King Cab to tell me if it does or does not have the armrest. biggie...just curious...
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kc does not have the rear armrest

kc does not have the rear armrest
Ditto...KC no armrest.

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