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No standard hitch!?!

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This is more of a rant.
What's up with so many trucks not having a hitch receiver come standard from the factory? Isn't this at least half the reasons anyone would buy a truck? I know it is for me. I'm in the market for a 2017 SV 4x4 and just about every one that I have found is missing the hitch and trailer light plugs in the bumper. How hard is it to get this upgrade? That's a deal breaker for me.

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While I get what you are saying... it's probably not a real big problem...

I'd bet that, if when you go to buy the truck, you say... you better throw in a hitch or I'm out... they wont bat an eye about installing one with the deal. It should be less that 200$ worth of parts, and it is literally 6 bolts and a plug.

I got my 2012 SV... it had a Uhaul hitch on it.. rusted to sh1t.. I replaced it with a new CURT hitch.. i think... $130 shipped... 6 bolts and two screws(i replaced the mount for the socket while i was there)

That all well and good but the 2017 moved the trailer plug up next to the license plate. However if you don't have the factory hitch you don't get the cut out for the plug. Not having a hitch standard on a truck is just ridiculous.

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Gotta sell you on that comfort and convenience package for 2 grand more.

It's stupid when you can get the base s model and it has a hitch. But then you get the base SV they don't get one? That's just idiotic.

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I bought a 2017 SV 4x4 a month and a half ago and didn't notice it didn't have one till I was swapping everything from my old truck. It took 3 weeks till they got some in and got mine installed.

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Were they able to get you the trailer connection in the correct place nest to the license plate or under the bumper?

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