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noises in cabin after engine is turned off

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Just curious,
After turning off the engine, a few minutes later you can hear a weird buzz sound coming from what could be some kind of valve or hydraulic lever closing.
I'm assuming it might be the outside air intake into the cabin that closes.
or is it something else?
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Yeah I have heard the noise also after turning off my truck. It has to be the fresh air vent closing.
It's definitely not that sound.
You can tell it's coming from "just behind" the dash.
And the noise completes as if a vent was slowly closing.
That's exactly what it is...the vents. If you watch your dash gauges for a minute or two after shutting off the truck you'll see them jump as they reset. The vents are just moving to their default positions. Your truck's putting itself to sleep.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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