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Noisy Interior Blower

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Searched hi and low and found nothing on this subject. My interior fan has gotten extremely loud for the second time. The first time it was covered under warranty, this time it won't be. Has anyone ran into this problem with their Titan yet? The humming is so loud that when the fan is on hi and recirculate, you can't even even hold a comfortable conversation. Somewhere I can get a new one that is not through nissan (doubt it, just thought I would ask).
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Maybe having to run the AC on hi constantly in Pheonix is causing your blower to werar out. Or maybe it's all the dust. Neither one of those conditions should cause your blower to wear out prematurely. I thought if Nissan replaced a part under warranty that the new part is covered for a period of time.
Thats kinda what I had hoped but once I am over the 36,000 mark, no good. What, are you saying its hot here or something?? :lookaroun
I've heard that it gets a little warm out there sometimes.:sunshine:
Nobody has nothin??
Looks like your on your own on this one.
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