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Non-BT mirrors from 06 LE

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Just bought big tow mirrors so i'll be looking to sell the non-big tow mirrors. looking to get 275 + shipping out of them. what i paid for the big tow mirrors.
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alingo2001 said:
they are power folding. i plan on keeping the switch b/c it will work with the big tow mirrors i'm getting. i think you can get the switch at the dealer for about $50.
switch is a little more than that any offers yet?

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Floyds_racing said:
switch is a little more than that any offers yet?

Price & Availability
Your Price: $52.96

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Fits this vehicle: Titan (A60)
2006 KC.LE & CC.LE (! 2006)
2007+ KC.LE & CC.LE
Manufacturer: Genuine Nissan Parts
Illustration: 251 Switch
Product SKU: 25570-A60005
Part Description
In the Nissan universe, this part is known as SWITCH ASSY-MIRROR CONTROL.
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