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Non-Chrome Front Bumper Source?

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I need to replace the center section of my front bumper (smoke color). Problem is no one can order me one. They only come as complete bumpers and only in chrome. No luck with the dealer-not even looking through the Armada parts database.
Even junk yards "have only ever seen" chrome. I really don't want to have the added expense of getting chrome and needing to deplate it prior to painting-despite what you have read paint on chrome is temporary at best. Also don't want to run chrome as it would be the ONLY piece of chrome on the truck and it's a look I would not enjoy.
Anyone have any ideas?
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Tried a body shop. Everyone swears there is no such thing as a sectional non-chrome front bumper for a titan... yet there my truck sits with a body colored bumper (PRO4X)... I guess the easter bunny will be stopping by a little later as I seem to attract things that don't exist.
ecmeyla said:
the XE's have a "one Piece" bumper and the SE and LS's have the two piece bumpers. Have the parts guy at the dealer show you the break down of the parts.
Therein lies the crux. Its a PRO4X with a body colored 3 piece which does not exist in the parts catalogs. The bumper is available only in one piece XE version or 3 piece chrome center version. End caps are available separately in painted and unpainted versions.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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