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Non Pre-Wired Fog Install questions

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Hey, I have an '05 XE without fog prewire, and am preparing to install the OEM kit from My question/comment is this:

I found these instructions for running wires for fog lights. Now these directions include splicing into wires on stalk and parking light wires and using a relay, which isnt too difficult but I'd rather not do.

Now I just traded my 08 Altima for the Titan and I had the same situation with it and not being prewired for fogs and also installed fogs following these directions, but was able to simply run power wires to the empty fuse slots for fogs as all fuse boxes should be the same.

Now to my question, is there any reason the titan fogs cannot be ran to the empty fuse slots like I did on my Altima......

Thanks in advance for any help or insight
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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