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nor cal dealers?

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Anyone know of a good deal to work with in nor. cal? Anyone getting invoice or below (less rebate) yet on an '08?

I'm looking for specifically a red alert crew cab SE 4wd tow/ front bench seat. on the fence whether short or long bed but probably long :coolsmile

There's a red alert pro4x at the local (Eureka) dealer which fits my criteria mostly, but I don't need (to pay for) the pro4x's about $2000 more than a regular SE with the same options I want. They aren't likely to deal to invoice either...

I'm up in Eureka on the coast, so anywhere's a drive, but closer is better! Dylan
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I found the best way is to use to price my vehicle. The truck you want is showing a MSRP of 34,520 (that includes destination fees also) Invoice of 31,248 and what other are supposedly paying around you at 33,323. is the Name of the local dealer MCCREA NISSAN? Cause what Edmunds will do is email that whole report so they will know you know what the pricing is. I would ask them invoice!! Nissan has a 3,500 rebate, so if you go in there saying to pay MSRP and w/ the rebate will knock it down to Invoice and the dealer would still get it for MSRP! And you give them the spiel about how you will service it with them and the interest off the financing will give them profit..... I am in the process of buying an 08 CC Pro 4x. I am lucky and have several dealers in the area competing for business. I am pricing it with edmunds and sending it off to them as a start then I haggle with them individually. I have one dealer ordering the truck I want direct from the factory w/ the monthly orders with no cost to me or added fees. I do all my auto buying online, dealers internet sales department have more advantages to give good discounts. Like I said I do it all online and when a dealer matches the price I want another will beat it and when I get a price I am happy with I go to that dealer a steal the car. I just bought my wife a 07 Pathfinder SE 2WD fully loaded, sticker almost 33,000.... got it OTD with an extended waranty for 26,000!
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