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nor cal dealers?

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Anyone know of a good deal to work with in nor. cal? Anyone getting invoice or below (less rebate) yet on an '08?

I'm looking for specifically a red alert crew cab SE 4wd tow/ front bench seat. on the fence whether short or long bed but probably long :coolsmile

There's a red alert pro4x at the local (Eureka) dealer which fits my criteria mostly, but I don't need (to pay for) the pro4x's about $2000 more than a regular SE with the same options I want. They aren't likely to deal to invoice either...

I'm up in Eureka on the coast, so anywhere's a drive, but closer is better! Dylan
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Have you thought of going through a broker? I'd go that route based on where you live. They handle all the paperwork and generally deliver the car to you. You just sign the documents when the truck is delivered. Generally they'll get you invoice pricing.

This site is also having a picnic in about 4 weeks and there are several dealerships along the way. You could make a weekend of it.
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