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Normal or Bad head gasket

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I noticed today that the radiator is constantly cycling water through the overflow container at a high rate.

pulled the radiator cap and started the engine and had a tremendous amount of pressure pushing coolant back out of the radiator.

I know this is a sign of a bad head gasket or a cracked block, but I would think with this much pressure I would have some overheating which I dont.

Is this an issue like I am thinking it is, or am I not understanding something that is different about the titan cooling system.

I just got the truck used. and it had some engine problems that were hidden from me at the dealer. Is this another to add to the list, or is this normal?
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Two things to look at here: " #1. The factory (OEM) closed system radiator cap should be replaced. When the radiator has been filled t o the top, the plastic reservoir tank should be filled 3/4 full. The special closed system cap allows trapped air and excess coolant in the cooling system to escape back into the overflow tank when the system is under pressure. And only coolant is drawn back into the cooling system under vacuum when the engine cools.

#2. If you're still having trouble have a trusted private mechanic or new car dealership do a *cooling system pressure test to see if there are any external or internal coolant leaks. *Engine compression will leak into the cooling system and blow the coolant into the recovery bottle if there is a head-gasket problem."
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