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Noticeable sound quality difference

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My wife just purschased a 2004 Nissan Maxima 3.5SE. There is no comparison when it comes to sound quality of the Rockford Fosgate in my Titan and the system in her car...The Maxima by FAR out performs with no problems whatsover. I can't believe how incredible the Maxima sound system sounds compared to mine... I told her to drive my truck to work today so I could wash the Maxima in reality I wanted to listen to the sound system... Nissan needs to install the Maxima stereo in the Titan... :crying:
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Sabre66 said:
I think the RF is the best sounding stock system i've had in any of my vehicles. I've had two BOSE systems, one in my Acura CL-S and one in my Pathfinder LE that don't compare to the RF. The RF radio portion may not provide the best music sound quality, but when you play CD's it sounds fantastic.

Maybe there's a loose connection or something is incorrectly wired in yours.

I can't believe the way her's sounds it's like being in a concert hall... Crips highs and lows with excellent imagining..I know my sub was not hooked up when I bought it so I had to take off the drivers seat to hook it back up... I'm a true audiophile so sound is REAL important to me.... I have a kicking system in the closet just waiting for a faceplate to come out for the Titan
Skipete said:
Are they still putting Bose systems in the Maximas?

Yes, But we opted not to get it with the Bose because we could not tell a difference in sound... The 2004 has a upgraded system form last year putting out like 220-250 watt with 8 speakers.
tbeecher said:
I won't be so bold to say that I am an audiophile but.. I have a hi-def home theater with all the toys. I enjoy clean sound. The RF in my Titan is awesome (if you don't count the radio). The subwoofer is a perfect match. The only thing that I can think of is that there are assembly issues because I can't believe that some would find the sound to be crappy. I would go to the dealer for a second opinion on a different truck. Maybe I got lucky and got the perfectly tuned system. :)

IMO Bose is the most overrated system. If you do a side by side comparison you will see how "light" they are. I installed a set of Bose speakers in my Brother-in-laws house. He is so proud of those 4 letters on the speakers that he can't tell that they don't sound good. They have done a great job of making their name THE desired brand. The same reason that I went out to buy a Ram last December. Man I wanted a hemi.. Until I drove the Titan.

Tony B

I don't like BOSE either we couldn't tell the difference between the two when we purschased the Maxima so we went the the standard...It sounds awesome compared to my truck....I don't use BOSE in my home setup I use KLIPSCH reference with my DENON receiver.. I'm a serious audiophile and need good solid hard hitting bass.. Maybe I'm just being to sensitive but I can't believe how much better the wifes car sounds..
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