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Noticeable sound quality difference

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My wife just purschased a 2004 Nissan Maxima 3.5SE. There is no comparison when it comes to sound quality of the Rockford Fosgate in my Titan and the system in her car...The Maxima by FAR out performs with no problems whatsover. I can't believe how incredible the Maxima sound system sounds compared to mine... I told her to drive my truck to work today so I could wash the Maxima in reality I wanted to listen to the sound system... Nissan needs to install the Maxima stereo in the Titan... :crying:
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Yea, I don't think the sound system in the Titan is bad in any way. However, my dad's 03 Pathfinder with the Bose system is leaps and bounds better than that of the titan. Having said that, I've never heard a system sound better than the one in the 03 Pathfinder LE. I still enjoy listening to cd's in his Pathfinder.
I must say, man, you have to be one of the last people I expect to listen to techno!

Briarman said:
I wonder if the Titan interior shape and size (especially CC) might effect the sound quality, as to how it carries through out the cab? My previous Frontier, being smaller, seemed to envelope me in cool sound a little better-more of a personal experience. My '01 didn't have RF, just a 6 speaker system. I like the RF in my Titan pretty well-a lot better after I backed off the bass a little...I prefer a crisp sound more than a lot of thump, thump and the associated vibration in the cab. I never listen to the RF radio, only CD's...I keep busy sending the upbeat jazz and techno CD's I love on internet radio...LOL Great zooming music! :hat: :computern
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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