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Are you a road warrior, a weekend traveler or just an around town guy just looking to go farther, longer than your existing stock fuel tank will carry you?

New from Titan Fuel Tanks, a leader in the afermarket fuel tank business, is a 50 gallon, extra heavy duty mid-ship fuel tank. It is designed for the Titan XD with the 6ft 7in bed truck, it replaces your exisiting tank.

Titan Fuel Tanks has been in business for nearly 15 years, their tanks are made from a high density polyethylene making tham lighter than other tanks.

This polythylene tank is stronger and safe and more durable thank anything else on the market.
TITAN Fuel Tanks provide...

20 times the environmental stress crack resistance
10 times the molecular weight
5 times the impact strength
...of the OEM (Linear) models.

Anyone can install this tank in your driveway with common tools in just a few hours.

Meets or exceeds US DOD Standards.

Check our more information about the Titan Fuel Tanks 50 Gallon Extra Heavy Duty Mid-Ship Replacement tank here.

Let myself or @Alvad87 know if we can answer any questions.
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