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We have been approved by the father chapter, and are now official. We will be taking requests for members in this thread. If you are interested in becoming a member of MA Georgia, please reply with real name, mods, and pic(s) of your vehicle.

Please read over the rules, and guidelines we have set up for the chapter, and make sure you agree to these rules before signing up. If you have any questions, please PM me, or TxHotSauce, or email the chapter([email protected]).

DUES START MAY 1ST 2011. That will be our first official month. Dues will be paid to [email protected]

Chapter email address is [email protected]


1.) All modified Nissan trucks and suvs are welcome. This includes: Titans, Armadas, Frontiers, Xterras, and Pathfinders. Must have at least 1 exterior mod... wheels/tires, lift, HID lights, paint, bumper, tint, etc... Must have at least 1 performance mod...CAI, exhaust, tuner, timing, cams, headers, etc… This is a modified truck club, you can’t have just one total mod and be done and expect to represent. (Also will be discussed at our first meet if you will be expected to have atleast 1 new mod per year, till the club feels that you are fully modded enough)

2.) Required Meetings:
We plan to hold MA member meets twice a year. You should plan to attend 1 of the 2 required meetings to stay in the chapter and we will have attendance (sort of) to keep track... There may be other meets in between these dates as we go forward, but these will not be required.

3.) Member Dues $10 monthly.
- The membership fee is due the 1st of the month and no later than the 15th.
* $5 of the fee will go towards a monthly member raffle held on the 26th. (Note that a member/recruit cannot win more than 2 raffles in a row). On the months with a meet, the raffle will be held at the meet. In the future we may choose to do door prizes or multiple raffles per month. We will adjust raffle prize amount as we grow. Raffles will start small (open to ideas and suggestions, just pm President or Vice President) and eventually grow with more members. Members will be receive winnings via PayPal within 2-3 business days for cash options. Other prizes will be sent via UPS or USPS.
* $5 of the fee will go towards food/beverages for required chapter meetings. This will also go towards chapter expenses: 1) Renting locations for meetings if needed 2) Other club expenses to operate efficiently.
- Dues will be paid and received via PayPal at [email protected]
- There will be NO EARLY OR ADVANCE payments. You will have a grace period until the 15th of the month to pay dues which after you will receive notice.
- If you are late paying your dues (later than the 15th). First time will be a warning via email and pm; second time will result in 2 month probation(not included in raffles and drawings; still expected to pay dues).
- If you do not pay ALL your dues by the end of the 15th of the following month you will be terminated.
- Any member requesting to rejoin MA will have to go before the chapter and be voted back in.

4.) Probation period.
- In order to be considered for membership status, new recruits have 2 options.
1. 2 months probation and the chapter purchase the new members logo after probation period.
2. New member purchases logo, and no probation period.
- A recruit must also attend the next required meeting. If they are unable to attend the required meeting then they must contact the Chapter Leader or Chapter X.O. and let them know their intentions of joining the chapter and why they are not attending the meet. If both meets are missed you will be terminated and not be reconsidered into the club.
- Any member on probation will not be able to enter the monthly raffle during their Probation Period *This is a form of incentive to want to become a member. It also helps protect the chapter and full members from recruits that win their first raffle then decide to leave*
3. New recruits to the OFFICIAL Chapter will still have a probation period and cannot exempt themselves (purchase own decal) from this period.

5.) Meets
- The meets will be at a predetermined location with at a minimum of 30 days notice.
- Members are encouraged to offer other meet ideas. Examples include parades, car washes, beach cruises, etc. These will not be required, but will be encouraged.
- Members are encouraged to attend both meets, but are required to attend only 1.

6.) Members
- You are a direct representation of Modified Addictions and our Georgia chapter. You are expected to respect the public and the authorities. Any legal issues while wearing the MA logo will go before the Chapter Leader and your membership could be terminated. It is a privilege to be part of our chapter so respect it.
- You are required to pay the $10 monthly membership fee and attend required meetings to keep our chapter strong.
- If you miss a month of membership fees or you miss 2 consecutive required meetings then you will be asked to leave the chapter and return your MA Decal. You can go before the chapter to be voted back in, but recruits will can not be considered.
- You are encouraged to help a fellow member if at all possible.

7.) Decals
- Decals may only be worn by full members of the chapter.
- Once you have reached membership status you may then order your decal.
- Ordering the decal will go through the Chapter Leader and on to the SoCal Chapter for processing.
- Upon termination of probation, members will be presented ONE MODIFIED ADDICTIONS decal in his/her choice of colors; decal is property of Modified Addictions and will be purchased by Modified Addictions. Again you can purchase you own, but decal will still remain property of Modified Addictions and your probation period will be lifted. If member chooses to change or alter their decal; member must return old decal for the new and decal must be PURCHASED BY MEMBER. If member wishes to have the rear window wrapped, Modified Addictions will pay up to $20 of wrap for first purchase; members are responsible for the remainder of balance due.

8.) Club Apparel: (Members Expense)
Will be available upon request. T-Shirts can be purchased for member @ members’ expense. Group buy=larger discount. Notify Club rep’s if interested.

9.) Grounds for Club Termination: (Yes AGAIN)
*Each member is encouraged to pay member dues on time; failure to pay monthly dues within 30 days (from the 15th of the previous month; which will include both months dues) will result in termination of membership.
*Members MUST attend ONE hosted meet at a MINIMUM per calendar year.
*While on probation, member must pay dues on time. If you opt out of the probation period by purchasing your own decal you will still be expected to still pay dues during that period.
*No refunds will be processed.
*If member wishes to remove himself/herself from Modified Addictions, 1 month notice is required; club dues to be paid for last month of membership.
*If you leave the chapter or are asked to leave then you need to return your decal to the Chapter. If you refuse, the decal will be removed for you. Again, we are looking for dedicated members because we don't want random half asses running around with MA logos.

**** Rules are subject to change as needed.****


1)tsunamilogan05(Chapter Leader)- Logan
2)TxHotSauce(Chapter X.O.)- John
3)benitez63035- Raul
4)bhamby3- Brent
6)osocool1- John

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Alright fellas. So we can start representing MA in GA and help get us more recruits and members. Let get to ordering our decals. I don't want to start another thread for the ordering process but what I suggest is everyone look at the Houston Chapter thread on ordering their decal and email our chapter at [email protected] with your color scheme. And please don't just send I want white and black be specific and please please please read their thread before emailing your order. Then well discuss if we want to save on shipping and get them emailed to one location and we can meet and pick them up and help each other put them on. Now again this is for those that want to exempt themselves from the probation period. Dues are coming up fellas don't be late. Thanks gents!
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