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I could use a little advice with the O2 sensor placement in my custom exhaust pipes.
I am having a custom equal length Y pipe made and in order to do it with minimal restriction and route it toward the center and then 45 degrees to the Dr Gas Y pipe merge, I need to relocate my O2 sensors.
I am going to have the B pipes shortened and move the cats forward a little bit and I had a choice of having the cross brace cut out to accommodate the O2 sensors located right above it or plugging the bung in the cats and locating the sensors just behind them in the Bpipe. I choose the latter since I didn't want to futz with the cross brace and the exhaust tech told me I may have a problem with the new O2 placement and that the distance of the O2 sensor from the internal brick of the cat is critical for proper readings and operation. He went on to say that they have emulators that are programmable for unlimited placement choices in the pipes and I may want to consider that.

My questions are:
1. How sensitive are the O2 sensors to distance from the converter brick?
I want to keep the factory sensors if at all possible and the only way to reasonably create equal length between the two side will mean I have to move them to an undesirable distance away from the intended location.

2. How critical is the distance between the front and rear sensors?
He also stated that we should maintain the factory distance between the sensors and they could cause problems and codes if we didn't.

Is the guy just being overly cautious because he wants to cover his butt or is placement really that sensitive?

I have no reason to doubt his word and all the work that he's done for myself and others has been of good or high quality. I also have no reason to think he's just trying to milk the job for a few more bones, considering he is going to end up charging me between 4 and 600, I think he will make enough. What do you guys think, other than the fact I'm nuts for doing this and all? lol. Thanks for the advice as always and Merry Christmas.
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