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I'm looking for a list of all the OBDII information that's available to standard users on the port ("standard" meaning I don't have a code book to, for example, authenticate and re-sync ignition disabling keys). Put another way, I'm using a 1-way reader and want to know what data is available.

Basically I've got a handful of different ELM327 based (all Bluetooth) readers that I've used with a bunch of Android and iOS programs. The best app I've found so far is Torque Pro. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time understanding exactly which functions I should expect to work in Torque so instead of "guess and check" I'm trying to find the enumerated list of information my 2004 Titan SE will provide.

I actually own the service manual but don't see any information in there... if I'm missing where it is feel free to just point me in the right direction :)

What spurred this little adventure? I'm specifically trying to figure out if I can determine the status of the built in car alarm (or detect it's "arm!" and "disarm!" commands that presumably get issued with the corresponding keyfob button is pressed). I'd like to know if I can read these from the port regardless of car-state so that an always-on and always-in-car Android phone can detect, log, and act based on them (e.g. send an email every time the state changes or run an IFTTT recipe).

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